Recruitment Season Blues And Why Consulting Is Not Right For Me

Candidates spend hundreds of hours preparing for case interviews, but most candidates spend less than 10 minutes preparing for the “why consulting” question. In the business community, most people know the top consulting firms and have a lot of respect for people who have done management consulting there. Fellows are not expected to have industry experience, but, through their willingness to learn, are able to contribute via their hard work in data analysis, researching best practices in an industry, designing a prototype, etc. When recruiters from major firms hold events on campus — most commonly in the Ross School of Business or Blau Hall (the University of Michigan’s premier business hubs) — students flock to auditoriums just to shake their hands.

Your content and structure to the “why consulting” question may be great, but you will still need to have an outstanding delivery of your answer. These reasons signal to the interviewer that you are interested in consulting for the wrong reasons. Most people that are interested in consulting for its pay, prestige, or exit opportunities typically do not last in consulting for more why consulting than a year before quitting. If you have a highly structured approach to case interviews, but your answer to “why consulting” is unorganized and incoherent, this can raise a red flag for the interviewer. Why do interviewers ask every candidate the “why consulting” interview question? All the questions you’ll answer in consulting interviews are a test of your communication skills.

why consulting

As a consultant you can time your vacations so it takes place between engagements and you can completely disconnect from your work for 2-4 weeks. Comparatively, when I was working in industry, I never actually had a vacation.

Questions For Consulting Interviews With Sample Answers

The number of hours in a management consultant’s workweek is fewer, but travel time must be added to arrive at an apples-to-apples comparison. Most consultants, particularly during the first few years, spend their workweeks on the road. Wanderlusts without spouses or kids love this aspect of the job, but those with family obligations often consider it an imposition. It usually takes years to establish enough seniority to get reassigned to exclusively local clients.

why consulting

For implementation to be truly effective, readiness and commitment to change must be developed, and client members must learn new ways of solving problems to improve organizational performance. How well these goals are achieved depends on how well both parties understand and manage the process of the entire engagement.

Five Reasons To Pursue A Career In Consulting That Can Be Mentioned In Interviews

If companies don’t start to lean into that more, they will have a hard time getting the best talent in their doors. DevOps We started thinking about how to celebrate that without judgement or shame for going into the next phase.

What you’ll really learn is that a lot of people within a company can affect your deadline. Sometimes it isn’t you who is causing the delay, so you’ll have to learn how to manage people and timelines. Although I am an entrepreneur, I see myself as a consultant. I spent the first 6 years of my career running a consulting company and Scrum (software development) helping businesses with their Internet marketing needs. It is interesting how when you enjoy your work, negative things are more tolerable. I remember my project team landing in a different country for a series of meetings only to discover that our baggage was lost, and as a result we had no business clothes for our meetings.

  • To provide sound and convincing recommendations, a consultant must be persuasive and have finely tuned analytic skills.
  • My final estimate is that people drank 56 million cups of coffee last week in New York City.
  • Nevertheless, the process by which an accurate diagnosis is formed sometimes strains the consultant-client relationship, since managers are often fearful of uncovering difficult situations for which they might be blamed.
  • I can’t speak for everyone but below will share with you what were the reasons why I chose management consulting and why I still love the work.
  • And you can use your commute time to get stretch projects done, so performance is enhanced.

The second challenge is continuing to grow and develop amid potentially strict up-or-out policies. The third challenge is coping with the additional hours and travel demanded by the consulting lifestyle.

Interview Questions With Sample Answers

You will work with clients and your teams to collectively use your problem solving ability, expertise, and capabilities to create change and drive lasting impact. If exposure excites you, consulting might be the best partner for you to spend your life with. At the starting of your career, you may have to focus entirely on your project such that you master it. However, you will be investing more in networking in the long run, building relations with senior heads. There will be an “n” number of times when you will have to attend meetings, interact with the seniors, and exchange ideas. You will have to understand their goals, vision, and missions to keep those relationships last.

If you want to be very specific with your next career move, sometimes it makes sense to wait patiently for the right responsibilities at the right company with the right leadership in the right location. But in the meantime, folks can keep their skills laser sharp and their networks humming with contract consulting. Most companies say, “Oh, we pay severance to people that we terminate.” Like, what about the people that have contributed so much to your [company’s] growth and they want to leave, but they want to leave on good terms? Consulting taught me all of the things above plus a lot more. Whether you think it’s sexy or boring to be a consultant, you should give it a shot. Even if it is for a period of six months or a year, you’ll learn a lot. They are the ones who approved hiring you, and they write your check.

The average starting salary range for first-year management consultants with bachelor’s degrees is between $65,000 to $100,000, depending on the company and the region of the country. While any amount in that range certainly tops the median income in the United States, it pales in comparison to what management consultants earn when they Offshore outsourcing enter the field with MBAs. A new management consultant out of business school can expect to earn between $165,000 and $200,000, once again, depending on the firm and city as well as myriad other factors. For this reason, many aspiring management consultants elect to stay in school an extra two years before embarking on their careers.

Get Inspired By This “why Consulting?” Sample Answer

Contract and contingent teams frequently see salaries above the fiftieth percentile because they take on the risk of not working the minute business slows down. Many prefer cash in hand to peace of mind, especially if they don’t place a high value on stability in the first place. Instead of leaving the unknown with the team, everyone was really prepared.

why consulting

The other half is to persuade the interviewer that consulting is really for you. To deliver a convincing answer, bear in mind the below strategy and checklist. Bottom line is, consulting firms want consultants to focus on the big content, and utilize all time-saving support they can get to take care of the rest. This is because profit-generating time outweighs all extra costs.

Either way, you will be solving tough problems that will challenge you and help shape your future experiences. Now that you are well aware of how to answer “Why consulting,” which reasons apart from the above-mentioned excite you the most? Did this article give you the proper solution to the 2-liner complex question? Feel free to share your thoughts and answers in the comments below. Every question asked in the interview will be a test of your communicating skills. This 2-word question definitely will not have a crisp 2- line answer.

Travel In Consulting

One way to categorize the activities is in terms of the professional’s area of expertise . But in practice, as many differences exist within these categories as between them. Work with and learn from very intelligent and articulate people. Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point, walks you through his top interview advice. Like a top school, part of the attractiveness comes from the learning that you did while there. The other part of the draw comes from knowing that you had what it took to get in the prestigious spot in the first place. This is a safe option because being a consultant is generally perceived positively by employers and head hunters.

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